Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Makeup for hooded eyes - easy tips & tricks : )

I have hooded eyes, and I struggle to make my eye makeup look remotely like the eye makeup I see on Youtube gurus or models in magazines. So I've started looking into videos and tutorials tailored specifically for women with hooded eyes. I always suspected the technique was different - and I was right! If you haven't found MissMai27 on Youtube yet, I suggest you do. I love her style and her videos.
I love PixiWoo, always have. They're incredible. Here they give us a video on a smokey eye for women with hooded eyes. There's quite a bit of info on makeup for hooded eyes in general. Well worth watching.
A tutorial on a smokey eye for hooded lids by the ever-wonderful Lisa Eldridge. I could watch her all day - and have. ;)