Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guilty Confession

I'm watching a Lisa Eldridge video on Youtube. It's her latest upload. I love Lisa Eldridge, she truly is one of the greats. And she's so generous with her talent by filming these videos for us to learn from.

And my guilty confession?

I'm secretly (well, not anymore) pleased to see that she has some spots on her chin and temples. The same places that I do. Because Lisa is affluent, and can afford the best skin care products, and knows how to care for her skin. And she has the same breakouts that I do. And suddenly, that crop of hormonal spots on my chin seem less like a failure and more like a common fact of life.

Petty? Maybe. But I've worked so hard for so long to improve my skin and still STILL have breakouts. It's a relief to see that it's not just me.