Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Toning Shampoo For Blondes - You Need This!

I just picked up some Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save Silver Shampoo 8.5oz from Last night was the first time I'd used it and wanted to put a post up about the results. Because I'm floored.

First, why use a toning shampoo? Blonde hair, whether dyed or natural, will oxidize and yellow. Even women with blonde, grey or white hair will see a yellow tinge creep up. This can be due to factors like pollution or hair products, or even the water you use. It's the number one reason women hie their butts back to the salon for color-touch-ups. Nothing makes you look older than a yellow tinge to a blonde head of hair. 

So why did I buy a toning shampoo? I'm naturally a dark blonde. Over the summer, because of the sunshine and a botched highlight, my hair started to look like a psychodelic kaleidoscope of blonde. But my roots were growing as the days shortened and it just looked trailer park. About two weeks ago I bought a box of dark blonde and did the whole thing one color. It looked nice. And then a few days ago I went to brush my teeth before bedtime and my hair looked like the dirty side of a copper kettle. I was shocked, it happened so quickly and over my entire head. Brassiness, evils answer to angelic blonde.

Fast forward to last night when I climbed into the shower with Schwarzkopt's Color Save. It came out of the bottle like a deep blue pool of scary. The directions said to put it on and rinse it out immediately (or you can dye your hair purple). So I did, and carried on. Honestly, before I climbed into bed my hair was wet and I didn't think there was a huge amount of difference. This morning I got in front of the mirror and my jaw hit the floor. At least 80% of the brassiness is gone from my hair. It's still blonde, it's still beautiful. But now it looks - natural and healthy. I can't believe how effective this stuff was. So I wanted to know... how often should I use my purple shampoo? has a great little article about it. The part I found the most helpful being...

If you haven't checked out their site, do yourself the favor and do it. In the meantime I hope this information helps some of you blondes out there, who, like me, have walked through life with brassy yellow-tinged hair and not a clue there was a fix.

Thanks for reading, and stay beautiful! xoxox