Monday, September 8, 2014

What's in My Bag?

Feeling a little cheeky? Want to nose around in my purse? Today is your lucky day!



Sunday's vlog is up on my channel. If you don't know, I post a daily vlog of the randomness that is my life. Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

August Favorites!

1. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Smoothing Serum
This smoothing serum is one of the products that came in the CEW Award's Birchbox Limited Edition box. I wasn't sure I'd love it, even though I used a Chi keratin serum in my hair daily prior to receiving it. Now that I use it on a regular basis I'm happy to report - I love it! The smell is feminine, clean and not overpowering. The product doesn't weigh down or dull my hair. My hair is left feeling soft and smooth and shines all day. I do rotate this with my Fekkai glossing styling cream, but because of it's much lower price point I do use the Tresemme most often.

2. Harvey Prince "Journey" Parfume
This is my "special" scent. The one I put on when I'm feeling thoughtful, mysterious and sexy. It's a very exotic scent, and there's a fragrance note in it that I can't peg. At first sniff, it's just a pleasant midtone floral scent. But then creeps in this deeper, almost-amberlike bass note. The combination is stellar.

3. La Tourangelle Delicate Artisanal Avocado Oil
I haven't used body lotion in over a year. I only use avocado oil on my skin, especially following showers. I live in a super dry climate and when I don't use a moisturizer my skin is itching so badly within hours after bathing that I'll scratch until it bleeds. It's terrible. However...since using avocado oil I have had zero problems with itching. And the Delicate Avocado Oil from La Tourangelle is the best I've tried yet (for only a few dollars more than the blah beauty brand variety). The oil is artisanal, so you know it's quality. The oil is thicker, more green and especially silky. I can't recommend it enough to anyone with dry skin.

4.L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Colors
I think I'm up to owning five shades of this lipstick. To some people that's not a big deal. But I'm very noncommital when it comes to lip products. So to say that I have five of them, love them, and wear them any time I need a pop of color on my lips says something. They are opaque, they are hydrating, they last, and they don't move around on my lips or get onto my teeth. Such a win!

5. Dr. Jart's Ceramidin Liquid & Cream Combo 
This combo is something I come back to again and again. I first heard of the ceramidin cream over a year ago. And for a while it was the only thing that would sooth the rosacea on my cheeks. Then my rosacea was doing really great and I moved onto other serums and products. Recently I tried a retinol cream that really tore up my skin, broke me out like crazy and really inflamed my rosacea again. I tried a few combos of other serums and then decided to reach for my good old Dr. Jart's. It did the trick. My skin breaths a sigh of relief when I put it on. It's a bit pricy, but I'll be stocking up on this stuff for sure.

6. balance Me. Wonder Eye Cream
I love this stuff. It's not oily, it doesn't irritate my eyes. When I don't use it, and I try something else, the skin around my eyes feels dry and tight. This eye cream is the real deal and I love using it. Not sure what else to say.

Music Favorite: Stu Larsen's "13 Sad Farewells"
I can't get this song out of my head. It's on my spotify list, on my Itunes and in my heart. Okay, a little drama much. Stu is Norwegian (I believe), and I love his sound. If you're looking for a place to start in getting to know his sound a little better, than do yourself a favor and check out "13 Sad Farewells".

Pop Culture Favorite: Teen Wolf
It's my dirty little secret, but I've got to add it to the list anyway. This TV show truly is one of my favorites. August saw some serious action on Teen Wolf. The writing is tight, the acting is decent and I love the genre. 

Youtube Favorite: Samantha Schuerman
Sam has been one of my favorite Youtubers ever since I started watching Youtube. I follow her beauty, mommy and vlog channels. If I don't see Sam on any given day, then I feel like I've missed something near and dear to me. Her makeup and beauty videos are spot on, her mommy videos are informational and her family's vlogs are a mainstay in my Youtube viewing. Highly recommend.

Life Favorite: My Day Timer Planner
This may sound crazy, but I am a rampant stationary addict. Pens, paper, and especially...planners. I go all out and decorate it with stickers, washi tape, and I make my own laminated dividers. Basically my planner is my external brain and a sure fire way to keep my stress levels down. I couldn't live without it, and for the month of August when life turned chaotic with back-to-school, etc., it was truly a joy to have.

That's it for me this month. I hope you enjoyed, and maybe found a thing or two to be your next favorite thing.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted a "Five Things Friday" post in a while. I've decided to trade a monthly favorites post for the weekly ones. Weekly favorites was getting a little expensive to sustain. Hope you understand!

Thanks for your time!