Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Tinted Moisturizer w/ SPF 20

This moisturizer is ON SALE now at the Urban Decay website. Marked down from $30.00 to just $5.00 I couldn't pass this deal up.

A little bit of information about my skin before I start the review. My skin is insanely sensitive. I have dry/combo/SENSITIVE skin. I have a difficult and expensive time finding face products that don't break me out or make my skin too oily or massively itchy. For this reason, I love products like tinted moisturizers and BB/CC/DD creams because it limits the amount of products I have to put on my face. Because of the sale price for this moisturizer, I went ahead and bought this despite the risk.

As for the review, I'll start by saying this moisturizer is a little bit yellow for my skin, which has a bluer undertone to it. It's okay for summer time, but now that we're moving into fall and my tan is fading - I'll have to stop using this moisturizer. As for the cream itself, I love this formula. It doesn't make my face itchy. It doesn't feel heavy like I'm wearing oils on my face. But it's strong enough to keep my skin moisturized all day. Trust me, my cheeks tend to get dry and flakey by midday with lesser quality moisturizers. This stuff hasn't broken me out at all. The coverage is sheer to medium, which is to be expected for a tinted moisturizer. And I love the SPF 20, it's enough protection that I don't have to layer on a separate SPF. Less products on my face? Awesome.

Grade: A
Cost: $5.00 on SALE
Bottom Line: I would absolutely purchase this again. Next spring. ;)