Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scotch Tape Eye Shadow/Eyeliner Trick

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I've been doing a lot of winged eye and smokey-eyed looks lately as I play with eye shadow and eyeliner to learn various techniques. You can buy these little white stick-on eyeshadow guards that keep your line crisp. They act like a stencil while you're applying so your cat-eye and shadow stay matched and sharp. They also catch fall-out from cheaper eye shadows. You  could buy those little white stickies, or you could save your money and do what I do...use scotch tape.

Look at the picture above and see how it's done. You run scotch tape from the corner of your eye up to the corner of your eyebrow. Personally I have a wrinkle at the corner of my eyes that slants downward. So I put my scotch tape a little above this wrinkle. It removes the problem of dealing with shadow getting stuck in the wrinkle from the equation.

Once you're finished applying your makeup gently remove the tape and blend the harsh line softly so your shadow looks natural and not severe (unless that's the look you're going for). I have yet to loose any lashes or hair to the tape, it's gentle enough.

This is just one more way to save money but look beautiful.

Thank you for reading and stay beautiful!