Friday, September 27, 2013

Five Things Friday

I've seen a segment on some of my favorite blogs that is incredibly inspiring to me, and I've decided to do my own version of it - Five Favorite Things. On fridays. Hence the name. ;)  I'll share with you the five things I'm most grateful for from this past week. They may be mundane or profound, beauty-related or not. Either way, they're my favorite things of the moment.

1. Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick ~ Very Cherry #635
I am loving this lipstick. The formula is hydrating and the pigmentation is outrageous. It stays on all day with minimal upkeep. And the color? Universally awesome!

I found this forum when I was looking for sneak peek insight into the beauty box subscriptions I have. They are outrageously good at figuring out blurry photos. Quickly I realized the forums were chock full of insight and info and have fallen in love. I lurked for a long time and finally recently joined the rosters. I have not been disappointed. Seriously, I spend far too much time on these forums.

3. PG Tips Tea
When I lived in England, growing up, this was my favorite brand of tea. We would drink it in the mornings in lieu of coffee, and in the afternoon at tea time. Now, whenever I feel under the weather, I drink copious amounts of this tea. This past week I had my first nasty cold of the season, and have gone through insane amounts of this tea. Thankfully my aunt sends me new boxes when I run out. Love, love, love me some PG Tips.

4. Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle

 I bought this from Walgreens. Honestly, I wasn't sure it would do much. After all, the price is half what I would pay for most AHA products. I've only used it for this week, but am loving the results so far. Even after one night of using this souffle, I've seen results and improvements with my skin. I'll do a longer more thorough review after I've used it for a month. That way I'll have a full picture of the results, problems, and have a solid opinion. But it's good enough, after one week, to put it in my favorites.

5. Racinne Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum
I received this as a sample in my last Birchbox. The first night I used it, I noticed the skin around my eyes was very hydrated in the morning. I use an eye cream day and night, so to be even more hydrated is remarkable. The longer I use this serum, the younger my eyes look, and the more minimal my wrinkles and fine lines are getting. This week, as the benefits of using this serum are emerging, I'm particularly appreciative of this product.

So that wraps up my five things for this friday. I can't wait to discover five new things to share with you next week. Thanks for reading, for your time and stay beautiful! xoxox