Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat 960

I bought this top coat two weeks ago. I've been getting into nail art, and needed a top coat that would dry quickly but not move around colors or look horrible on the nail. The product description for this top coat is that it will dry in 30 seconds. And I had my reservations about the voracity of that claim. Honestly, with my last top coat, over a few layers of polish, took an hour to really dry enough for me to be functional again.

I've used this top coat over one coat of polish and over five coats of polish. Within a minute it's dry to the touch. Which is awesome! It's not so dry that you can't smush or mar your polish if you dig into it. But it's dry enough to be functional. And for that? Revlon, thank you.

Bottom Line: I will definitely buy this stuff again. And I'd recommend it to anyone who loves their nails but has a life. Grade A.

UPDATE: It's been months since I bought this top coat, and frankly I rarely reach for it anymore. If this is the only top coat that I use, even with daily applications, my nails are chipping by day two. I do use it every now and then. I put a fresh coat of top coat on my manicure every day. And there are some days when I'm super busy and have to run around all day. If that's the case, and I don't have time to let my regular top coat dry, I will throw a coat of this on and hit the road. If you use it, make sure to wrap the polish around the tip of your nails to delay any chipping.

What top coat do I use? OPI's top coat, and I put a few drops of the OPI drying drops on for a quick finish. My manicures just last that much longer by using the higher quality product. I've been told to try the Seche Vite quick dry top coat, and will do that in the near future and report back.

I figured an update to this review was important, because time has shown there are better products out there for me to use and I will always pass that info along to you.