Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IPSY September Bag - WIN!

It's finally here! My first ever IPSY Glam Bag. And I'm not just saying this ...I'm blown away! I have a few new favorite products as a result of this bag. IPSY hit my color matching and product "wants" right on the head. It's seriously the beginning of a beautiful relationship. ;)

Up first ...the bag itself.
Super cute, blue and black modern-damask. It's feminine and fun and perfect for fall. The navy color is darker than it appears in this picture. It's lined on the inside, and feels like it will be easy to clean. The size it average for a purse-kept makeup bag. Love it. 

Next, in no particular order...

NYX Single Eyeshadow in Nutmeg
I've bought NYX palettes before, but this single is so incredibly pigmented. The shadow is creamy and went on so smooth with a brush or even my finger. The color looks more taupe-like in real life compared to this picture. Perfect for fall, and a staple color for any makeup kit.
Starlooks Obsidian K01 Kohl Eye Pencil
This pencil went into my waterline and tight-lined like a champ. Creamy, hugely pigmented. A true black-as-night color with an almost deep navy undertone. Seriously, this is my new favorite kohl pencil hands down.
It's So Big Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Mott
The color of this mascara is another true black. And the formula? We've got ourselves another winner in "Becky's New Favorite Things" category. My lashes look almost like false lashes. They are long and thick. Even my piddly little lower lashes are reaching out there for their own lashy glory. There was absolutely no clumping, no eye irritation, just long luscious lashes. Win!
Pop Beauty Pop Crayon in Rose Romance
I was shocked when I put this on my lips. It looks a little mauvey in the tube, but when I put it on it lightened my lips into a sexy sultry pout. Honestly, it's very similar in color to my NYX Lip Butter in Creme Brulee. Only less sticky, shiny and fall-offy (there should be a word for that). Not to mention the formula. I could feel it hydrating my lips. I wanted to wear it, to rub them together and delight in the texture. It's hugely pigmented but feels light and happy to wear. Another new favorite, by far.
Cailyn's Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple
I've been on a search for a red lip for a while now. It's one of those staples every woman should have. Like black heels. But finding the right shade of red, in a formula I like, is hard. Then into my life walked Cailyn's Lip Balm in Big Apple. The formula sort of reminds me of Stila's Long Wear Lipstick. You paint it on your lips and they get super dry. That must be the staining part of the action. The product description said this balm was moisturizing, and that part I can't agree with. But who cares? With saturated pigmentation like this in a color that blows my mind I'm happy to throw on a coat of chapstick over the top. Oh, and that reminds me. I put chapstick over the top and guess what. The color stayed put! I tried that with the Stila one and the color just went away. Not with this balm. Final analysis? Another favorite and winner of color of the year for me (for now, I'm always hunting for the next great lip - thing).

Bottom Line: IPSY, put a notch in your belt. You just rocked my world. And for $10? I feel like I'm dreaming. I'll be repurchasing all of these products again when I've used them up. It feels like Christmas!