Thursday, September 12, 2013

6 Small Things You Can Do to Get Flawless Skin

I found this article on Birchbox.

"Sometimes it feels like no matter what you try—masks, topical treatments, buzzy new face-scrubbing tools—you just can’t score a blemish-free face. We know how tough it can be to pinpoint exactly what’s causing that nasty flareup, which is why we asked Linda Stephenson, founder of standout skincare brand Mèreadesso, for her best tips on getting a gorgeous complexion.

Not only is Stephenson a longtime veteran of the cosmetics industry, she also holds degrees in chemistry, biology, and botany! She created Mèreadesso to be an extrasimple line packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients—and if anyone knows how to revamp a cluttered skincare routine and focus on the right products, it’s her. Read on to find out Stephenson’s helpful hints for scoring flawless skin:"

Her number one thing is to find a skin-care routine and STICK WITH IT. This is the most profound to me because there are days I wake up and literally ask my face, "What are you doing?" Hormonal acne, rosacea, moisture fluctuations, blackheads, new wrinkles, etc. The possibilities on a daily basis for a crazy complexion are endless. It's enough for me to throw up my hands and give in. I mean, I do it all and I do it right. Wash twice a day. Do all the masks and the serums and the lotions, etc. ad nauseum. So where's my perfect skin? I am constantly reminded to STICK WITH IT. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was my bad skin and neither will be my perfect skin.

I hope you enjoy the article, and stay beautiful! xoxox