Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sleep Curls

Tonight, for the first time ever, I'm going to try this sleep curl technique. It was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be.

Step 1: Part your hair down the middle into two sections, a left and right.
Step 2: Place a soft headband down over your hair, ala hippy 1960s.
Step 3: Take a piece of hair on one side at the front and twist it, then loop it up over the headband and tuck it back through so it's hanging back down.
Step 4 - whatever: Keep doing this from front to back on both sides until all of your hair is twisted and tucked up around the band.

I was surprised at how comfortable this is. I don't think I'll have any troubles sleeping tonight while wearing it. I'm interested to see just how effective this technique is. My hair is as straight as a rail, and rarely holds a curl. Fingers crossed and I'll report back tomorrow!

UPDATE - Well, shortly after I fell asleep my wrap must have fallen out. Because I have no curls and my hair is down. Hm, bummer. I'm going to retry this technique the next time I wash my hair. I'll just use bobbie pins to keep the wrap on. I will post the results at the bottom of this post, instead of starting a new one. Look back shortly for more info!

FRIDAY NIGHT, TAKE TWO - Alright, so I've got my hair twisted and wrapped around the headband. I have it pinned to my head at the temples with crossed bobbie pins. Fingers crossed that it stays in this time. I'll let you know in the morning!
I seriously need to get my point-and-shoot fixed. Sorry for the picture quality, but here's a look at the results. Firstly - success! The curls and wrap stayed in all night long. The curls are surprisingly tight and bouncy. I look poodle-like, which can be super cute. I haven't done much styling with the curls beyond playing with them. I want a true measure of how long they last. And honestly, the poodle-ness is just a result of how small the sections of hair were that I chose to twist. A bigger section would lend a larger curl.

Bottom Line - I would call this a success and I'll be playing with this technique in the future, using different sized segments. Next time I'll use my Living Proof Primer in my hair and see what it does to the curls. Again, sorry for the picture quality. I problem I will soon rectify.

Final Update - I am so impressed with these curls, that I had to take a picture before bed to share with you. Let me preface by saying that my hair is straight as a rod and never holds curls. Never. Even with hairspray I'm lucky to get a few short hours of curls before they always inevitable fall out. And it has been twelve hours since I unwrapped my hair this morning and, as you can see, I still have tight bouncy curls. I think they look better now than this morning. They're less fro-like and smoother and more beautiful. This technique is definitely a win for me. I would recommend that anyone interested in curls try it. It's been so fun having so much body in my hair for the entire day.
And here is the original Youtube video where I first heard about this technique. I love the "Cute Girl Hairstyles" Channel and if you haven't already, I recommend you check them out.