Friday, September 27, 2013

Weather or AHA Drying Skin Out At Night? - My Plan of Action

Before I started using my AHA souffle on my face at night, my routine would be to use Avocado Oil as my night cream. I would wake up with calm, happy hydrated skin. The advent of my using the AHA gel coincided with a drop in the temperatures. And I'm not positive if my drier skin in the morning is the result of one, or the other.

Now let me clarify. My skin isn't angry or itchy or gross in the morning. It's just that it used to have a very nice hydrated glow in the mornings. And now it's more matte looking.

So what am I going to do about it?

Tonight I went through my routine as usual ...eye serum, AHA souffle, eye cream, avocado oil...and on top? I put a layer of my Embryolisse Concentrate. I stopped using that stuff as my regular daily moisturizer because it was making my face too oily. Now I'm hoping it will act like a hydrating barrier to keep the avocado oil and moisture in.

Fingers crossed! Check back tomorrow for updates. Thanks for your time and stay beautiful! xoxox

UPDATE 1 - I like the results with this! I was worried the Embryolisse would break me out. But this morning my skin was hydrated and happy. I will continue to try this method and report back after a longer time period has passed.

UPDATE 2 - So a few days have gone by, and the Embroylisse started to break me out. Wah wah wah. *frowny face* So instead of using that as a top coat for my moisturizer, I've decided to double up on the avocado oil instead. I put on two coats of that oil at night before bed and it's been working just fine. I'll keep on that trend and report back when anything changes. Now if only the bumps from the Embryolisse would go away. ugh.