Saturday, November 9, 2013

Raw Honey To Wash Your Face?

Shannon Sullivan is one of the many Youtube beauty gurus that I enjoy watching. She's mentioned using honey to wash her face a few times, and this morning she posted a link to a tutorial and demo about it. It's well worth watching.

Like me, she has acne-prone sensitive skin. So I was intrigued when she talked about going from very high end products to just raw honey to wash her face. And has actually enjoyed the results! Honey is so good for our bodies for so many health reasons, I figure, why not?

I just placed an order for raw honey from and will give this a try ASAP. I will report back with results as soon as I have any.

Watch Shannon's video for a simple step-by-step  and demo on using honey to wash your face.

For my lazy friends, I'll summarize:
  • First wet your face like you normally would before washing your face.  This step is really important.  If you put honey on dry skin, it will be sticky and not able to glide over your skin like a normal facial wash or soap.
  • Scoop out a little honey and wash your face with the honey like you would an actual soap. Shannon uses a nickel-sized bead of honey. You don't need to add anything to the honey, it dissolves once it touches water making it easy to move around and not sticky. 
  • After washing, thoroughly rinse off your face with cold water. Shannon uses a damp washcloth to make sure that she completely removes any and all honey. I'm going to use a muslin cloth that came with my Liz Earle face wash. Any honey that hasn't been rinsed off will feel sticky on your face once it dries.  Rinsing with cold water instead of hot helps your skin retain it's moisture.
  • Then softly pat dry and apply whatever moisturizer you normally use.
A few things to remember: 
- Use raw honey.
- Use it day and night to wash your face.
- Use a makeup remover (I use simple olive oil) before using honey, because honey will not remove your makeup.
- Be careful not to get it into your hair.

Anyone daring enough to give this a try with me? I can't wait!