Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birchbox: November 2013

November was certainly a fun month for subscription boxes. The theme for Birchbox this month was "More Good" and the company tried to send samples of companies that were environmentally and culturally sensitive. I love that idea. I also really liked the variety of samples that Birchbox sends. My interests in the beauty world span far beyond just makeup. Birchbox fills a need for me to delve into the multiple facets of self-care and beauty regimes. Overall I was happy with this month's box. A fun mix of products, quality products, and not a stinker in the bunch.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
I've seen the Eyeko liquid eyeliner used in quite a few beauty tutorials lately. Particularly those pertaining to winged looks. I've only just recently mastered the winged and cat-eye look with eyeliner. So when I went to use Eyeko I was giggly happy at how easily it lays down a saturated color payoff and how long it lasts. A definite win in my book.

Mighty Leaf Tea - Tea Pouches (3)
Having grown up in England, I'm a lifelong tea junkie. So when I found three packets of artisanal loose-leaf tea in my box I was thrilled. These teas steep quickly, and taste divine. My favorite is the vanilla bean and black tea, tea. Oh goodness, it was like a little sip of sultry. Yum!

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
A very pleasant enzymatic cleanser. It's the most gentle way to brighten and exfoliate and my sensitive skin appreciates the little extra TLC. Even with the little bit of gritty exfoliant in the cleanser, the cream was such that it didn't feel too abrasive on my skin. I'm quite pale naturally with a pretty healthy skin-care routine. So I can't claim to have seen oodles of brightening from this product. But the texture, the smell, the feeling after using it - were all very pleasant.

Bee Kind Body Lotion
I am uber picky about lotion, particularly hand lotion. I know this was labeled a body lotion, but the sample size was prohibitive. I used it as a hand cream instead. And love it. The citrusy scent of the chamomile paired with a velvety texture and a quick absorption that hydrated without making my hands greasy was a winning combination for me. It cost $15 for 8oz. in the Birchbox store and I'm going to buy a full-sized bottle for sure. 

Color Club Cocktail Hour Collection - On the Rocks

I haven't had much luck with the Color Club polishes before. They tend to be a little clumpy going on. I love that I received a silver metallic polish in my box. I don't have one, only a silver striper. But I haven't used the polish yet so I can't say for sure if the quality is better or worse than the norm.  I will report back after I've used it and see how it goes on and lasts.