Monday, November 11, 2013

First Ever Successful Winged Eyeliner

I wish I had my camera. Seriously. Grrr. I've done winged eyes with eye shadow before, but this was my first successful felt-tip liquid eyeliner winged look. And in person? It looks beautiful! The eyeshadow is a maroon color (Bitten, from MUG), there's a deep plum color at the outer corner and Vanilla Bean (by MUG) on the lids. I used a touch of Mary Lou-Manizer by the Balm to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, just under my brows and at the center of my lids. Really very beautiful in person, especially with the winged eyeliner.

Not a huge big deal for anyone else. But for me? It's an awesome day when I finally FINALLY get the winged look without it going all crazy. This took practice. I'm giggly and giddy. :)

Thanks for your time!-Becky xoxox