Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lip Exfoliation

Did you know this was a thing? Because I didn't. Which pisses me off, because I could have had lush soft lips for years. Instead I've been plagued through summer and winter with flaky chapped lips. Until now.

You can go out and buy a variety of types of lip exfoliators. I made my own. Using:

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
White Sugar

Melt a little bit of coconut oil in the microwave. Don't make it so hot it will melt the sugar, just warm enough to liquify. Mix in half as much olive oil. Blend them well. Then add white sugar until it's soaked up the oil and the sugar and the oil base are level in the container. Pop on a lid and allow to cool to room temp.

Every morning before I brush my teeth I use an old (clean) toothbrush and brush my lips gently using this mix for a few seconds to half a minute. Then I dab off the residue with a tissue. I keep my lips moisturized during the day with lip balm. And I repeat this at night before bed, applying lip balm before I climb between the sheets.

What have I learned from all of this? EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS! You, your spouse and your lipstick will thank me for it.