Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Ole Business Card Mascara Trick

You can go online or into any Sephora and find those mascara cards. They're a card with a crescent cut out of one end. You put them behind your lashes, and when you apply your mascara you can get more on the lash and the excess goes on the card instead of your eyelid. Genius, except why buy a fancy card when you can just use a business card?

We've all got them laying around. Old business cards we'll never look at again. Throw a few in your beauty kit. Curl your lashes and then bend the short end of the card to match the curvature of your eye. Then go to town and apply mascara like crazy. Get it on thick and thorough. (That sounds so dirty!) I then turn the card around and use it for the bottom lashes as well.

My lashes have never looked so full and covered. Win!

Here's a video of Michelle Phan giving us 4 different ways to use a business card for our eye makeup. Love it, thanks Michelle!

Thanks for reading, and stay beautiful! XoxoX