Wednesday, August 28, 2013

e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

I ordered this kit off of recently and am so in love with the results that I had to post a review of it here. The color I use is Ash, as I've got blonde hair and fair skin. The pot on the left hand side is the colored wax that I use to shape and fill in my brows. The color on the right is the setting powder. The kit comes with a little two-sided brush that's more than usable. However I use my own eyebrow brushes in full sizes by Real Techniques when I do my brows. The longer handles make it all so much easier.

After using this kit my brows look natural, and I have the freedom to shape them any way I want to. Either thick or thin. And the color and look literally lasts me from sun-up until bedtime. With pencils it was always difficult to get my brows to look natural and not drawn on, and shaping them was never easy. This kit is a revelation for me in brow-beauty! 

Grade: A
Cost: $3.oo. Yes, seriously.
Would I Repurchase?" Absolutely! And I recommend it to anyone looking for an introductory beyond-the-pencil eyebrow kit.