Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Makeup Inspiration

I spent a lot of time looking for actresses that had a similar skin tone, hair and eye color and eye shape as myself. I'm going to refer back to these particular images when I'm working on my makeup in the future, and as inspiration to continue to care for my skin, hair, body and soul.

Cameron Diaz - She has the same cooler tone complexion that I do and a playful use of color in her look.

 Jennifer Anniston - She has the same naturally hooded eyes that I do, and her look is always minimal but bright and beautiful.
Sarah Jessica Parker - She has the closest match in hair/eye color and skin tone to myself. Her signature look is the tight lined eyeliner on both of her lids with lots of mascara. I'm not interested in going that far, I'd look like a racoon. But I like the color choices she makes with her makeup and chose most of these pictures for the inspiration.

Blake Lively - She has a warmer toned skin than I do, but she has naturally hooded eyes and I like how she applies her shadow and her overall look.