Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happiness Takes Effort

So much wisdom and clarity from CloudyApple in this video. There are certain truths in life, and the sooner we grasp them the sooner we can move past them and be happier daily, and appreciate each day on so many levels. Some of these truths are:

- Your average day will be - average.
- Life is mostly mundane.
- If you wait for happiness you may never get there. If you can begin any sentence with, "I'll be happy when..." then stop and re-evaluate.
- We all have to work hard in life.
- Good things happen because you earn them. Not because Prince Charming swept you off your feet or you won the lottery.

Thank you to Cloudy Apple for the video. If you're reading this and haven't subscribed to her channel then I suggest you do. She's intelligent, inspirational and full of beauty information.
Your happiness is worth so much more than somebody else's opinion. Love everything that you do, every day, and even the mundane will take on a shimmer.