Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School for Mommas

On every television and Youtube channel there are ads for "Back to School". My own children went back to school a few days ago, and I've been as caught up in the thrill of another school year as they have. It's a very exciting time of year and the harbinger of a new season. Back to School is synonymous with fall, with football season, apple pies and pumpkin carving. And even though most people think Back to School shopping is all about school supplies and school buses, I'm here to tell you there's a whole other page to the celebration.

Back to School for Mommas.

A new season isn't just about the weather. It's a blank slate, a new beginning, the advent of newness. And it's not like us ladies need an excuse to practice a little self-love. But why not? Back to School just went from erasers and pencils to new eyeliners, hair techniques and facial masks.

As the night winds blow cooler night after night, take a few extra minutes after your shower to throw in some hair oil. In the mornings, wake up a few minutes earlier than before and slap on some mascara and a bold beautiful lip color.

And the best part about this time of year? The transition from bright neon summer colors to the deeper jewel tones of fall. The most seductive time of year. ;)

Happy Back-to-School Mommas! :)