Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The True Meaning of Beauty

So I did a google search on "how to make every day hair look polished". I'm growing my hair longer, and am finding in the process that my day-to-day look is less than stellar. I genuinely want to know some tips and tricks to improve my casual look.

A great article I found on looking polished was by Daily Makeover. The post is here if you're interested in reading it. It's 10 Ways to Instantly look more polished, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then I came across a post about being a polished women that honestly made me throw up a little in my mouth. Just one example of their advice for women was "Married women shouldn't pull their hair back or look sloppy, because men wouldn't like that." Barf.

I've found post after post on how to have the perfect teeth, and hair color, blah blah ad nauseum. To please men. Not to feel proud of yourself, not to show your artistic side, not to express yourself, not to fulfill your greatest potential. The entire impotice for their blog was to be pretty enough to please others.

I am all for caring for ourselves, and putting the best foot forward. It's why I started on this journey and why I love learning about things like having polished hair every day.

But when we start buying into the hype of articles and blog posts saying, "do this or you're a horrible pustulous monster" (not verbatim) then I have to shake my head and move on with a better life.

Beauty isn't about following the Stepford Wife Rule Book. It's about finding what makes you unique and loving it, pampering it, and sharing it with the world. Purple hair is just as beautiful as blond or black hair. A pixi cut is just as gorgeous as booty-length hair. Whether you want to rock bangs or a pierce your lip ...go for it! Nobody ever reached greatness by being someone else's definition of FAB. (barf)

I'll step down off my soap box and carry on with my google fu. Thanks for your time, and stay YOU my friends. xoxox