Friday, October 25, 2013

Five Things Friday 10-25-13

What sort of week have you had? This week started crazy, but it's ending on a good note. I gave thanks to the universe this afternoon for the comfortable and calm way my week has turned out. Capped off with a nice little haul from Sephora this morning. I wish I lived closer to a Sephora store, but the closest one is more than 45 miles from me. God, I love the internet. My pocket book? Not so much. ;)

On to the good stuff...

1. Rimmel London 019 Sun Safari Quad

I picked up this quad for $3.97 last friday. And I think I've worn it four out of the seven days since. Something about the warm shades just looks so good on me right now. And the quality of the shadows is impressive. They're not as creamy and pigmented as Lorac, but they're definitely better than Maybelline, Revlon or Nyx. For the price? You can't go wrong.

2. Eucerin's Redness Relief Night Cream

I've mentioned the rosacea on my cheeks before. So it should come as no surprise that I'm working constantly on improving the quality of my skin, particularly in that area. I've done wonders for the dryness on my cheeks but the redness just hasn't budged. This cream has gotten some galvanized reviews. People either love it or hate it. But the people that love it claim it works wonders on the redness from their rosacea. I've been using it day and night since Tuesday. I have noticed some difference in the redness. It's not gone, yet. But it is diminished, and not as solid as it used to be. I love how smooth this feels going on, it's not at all greasy nor does it make my face feel greasy after wearing it. It hasn't broken me out and I have high hopes for fantastic results. I'm planning on a separate and in-depth post on dealing with rosacea once I've gotten concrete results. Either with this product, or something else. Stay tuned!

3. Gold Jewelry

The undertones of my skin are cool, so I tend to wear almost only silver or white gold jewelry. For some reason this week I've been wearing only yellow gold jewelry. Maybe something on Pinterest peaked my interest, I'm not sure. I'm just grateful I have gold jewelry to wear. Maybe it's a reaction to the cold weather moving in, I don't know. But I'm rocking the gold! (And it goes well with the Rimmel Sun Safari quad as well.)

4. Kiss Nail Art & Stencils Kit
I found this at my local grocery store. I've been looking for stripers for my nail art for a while, but haven't found any. Amazon sells the Sally Jansen ones, but they get terrible reviews. For $6 this kit has three full-sized stripers and thirty nail stencils. Right away I started using them. Sure they smell like chemicals, but I draw on the designs with these stripers and fill in with my usual polishes. Throw on a top coat and the end results are beautiful. I've got the prettiest french manicure I've ever had on my nails right now. All because of the white striper. Win! I'm thinking of starting a Monday Mani post where I post pictures of my current manicures and a tutorial on how I did it. I'm always learning new ways to rock a nail. Tell me what you think in the comments below!

5. Miss Jessies Creme de la Creme Conditioner

I wrote about this in my Birchbox October 2013 post. It claims to be the best conditioner for curled hair ever made. The kicker? I don't have curly hair. But I wasn't going to throw away a sample just because it's not exactly what I'm used to. I threw it into my hair care rotation and was floored the first time I used it. Sure, it smells like something I'd find in my grandma's bathroom. But it does something no other conditioner I've ever used does. Not only does it condition my hair without weighing it down, it hydrates and soothes my scalp. That's a keeper in my book.

Bonus: Cleansing and Activating Guided Meditation on Youtube

Not everyone is going to be into meditation, and that's alright. I've done it off and on for years with mixed results. The beginning of this week was chaotic and I kept feeling unsettled with twinges of sad. So I looked on Youtube for a guided meditation and found this one. I love, love, love it. In the end I'm calm, and I'm easy going. And it lasts me all day. I try to do this meditation ever day, and thought it was so good I should share it with you. If you're into opening and cleansing your chakras, check this one out.