Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Tips for Contouring

Applying your makeup is no different than applying paints to a canvas. Contouring is the art of highlighting and shading, whether it's on a cheek or on muslin. 

Anything that is lighter than the skin tone will make an area more prominent, anything darker will make that area recede.

Use contouring to add dimension to your face and to accentuate your positives. 

If you have a round face and want to make it look more oval: Apply a bronzer a shade or two darker than your skin tone in a "3" shape alongside your face: on your temples, the hollow of your cheeks, and under your jaw line.  

If you have a prominent forehead: Shade around the outer edge of your forehead along your hairline to minimize the area with bronzer.  

If you have a flat or wide nose: Shade alongside the bridge of your nose on either side, starting from your inner brows. Then highlight right on the center of your nose. Be sure to blend well to avoid a painted-on look.

If your cheeks are sagging: Apply a highlighter just above your cheekbone all the way to your temple. Use a blush directly on the cheekbone, then use a bronzer in the hollow of the cheek, underneath your bone.

And if you really want to make your contouring stand out: Use a sparkly highlighter, which will reflect the most light. 

And remember: When applying a bronzer, always use one with a matte finish, which will absorb light and create a stark contrast. See my post on contouring powders vs. bronzing powders for more suggestions.

I hope you learned something useful. Thank you for your time, and stay beYOUtiful!

- Becky xoxox