Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Changing Your Eye Shape Using Makeup

Just like we use highlights and shadows to contour the face, we can also use the same principle to alter our eye shape. Whether you have hooded lids, or narrow-set eyes, you can use your knowledge of light and shadow to enhance their beauty.

If you want definition: Sweep a light bronzer or transition shade through the crease. Your crease is just beneath your brow bone but above your lid. This technique is great for mature skin, to give the eye more definition. 

If you have narrow-set eyes: To elongate your eye width, apply a black liner to the outer half of both your upper and lower lash lines, connecting at the outer corner. Focus your darker colored shadows on the outer third of your lids to draw the eye outward from the nose.

If you have hooded eyes: Use what you know about highlights and shadows to lift your eye. Apply highlighter below your crease, from the inner to outer lid. Then blend a transition shadow on the area that you want to push back. You'll need to manually blend in a faux-crease on the upper area of your eye, above the lid but beneath the brow. Make sure to blend the edges starting from the highlight on the lid to the shadow in your faux-crease and back up to the highlight beneath the brow. This same technique works for women of Asian decent who often don't have a pronounced crease.

If you have small eyes: Apply a nude-colored eyeliner to your lower water line, which will help make eyes look more open. Then use a black pencil liner along your entire upper and lower lash lines, connecting the lines at the outer corner. The key is to blend the liner with shadow, sweeping outward away from the nose. Wherever you place the darkness is where the eye will go. By smudging the eyeliner, you give the allusion that your eyes are larger in scale.

For fuller looking lashes: Apply a black pencil to your upper water line. This lengthens the eye and it also sharpens the appearance of the eye, giving more fullness to the natural lash line without seeing the hard edge of a liner.

I hope you learned something useful. Thank you for your time, and stay beYOUtiful!

- Becky xoxox