Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July's Favorite Thing - ICON India Oil

I'm having a love affair, nobody tell my husband. ;) Totally kidding. But I am in love, with a hair oil.  I received a sample of ICON's India Oil in my July Birchbox.  As soon as I lifted the lid of the box, I could smell it. It was deep, hypnotic, mysterious, sultry smelling amber-colored bottle. Not to mention that the oil is in an aromatherapy bottle, which is totally my thing. That night after my shower I added a few drops of the oil into my palm, smoothed them out and rubbed it into the tips of my hair. That night, I dreamed I was in India. Seriously, it was a first for me. The next day? My hair was shiny and smooth and I smelled like a bond girl. At least, how I imagine a mysterious beauty of the caliber of Bond would smell.

The verdict? LOVE this hair oil. I would and do recommend it to anyone looking for a product to help moisturize and tame their hair.
Grade: A

I.C.O.N. India Oil