Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello and Welcome...

I'm not the most feminine woman that I know. My mother wasn't a big makeup wearer and everything I learned about beauty, growing up, I learned from magazines and friends. So it was easy for me, after my kids were born, to fall into the sweat-pants and tee-shirt wearing duldrum where makeup was a four-letter word and the extent of my fashion was what pony tail holder to choose.

I have a daughter now. She may only be a year old, but I worry about her future. I know how rough the road was for me always being behind the eight-ball with fashion and makeup. Does anyone remember the MC Hammer pant trend of the early 90s? Yeah, that was all me. Ugh.

So anyway, I've embarked on a journey. I'm starting all over again at the young age of 34. I'm learning about skin health and what regime works best for my skin type. I'm learning how to keep my hair healthy and how to grow it out. I'm learning makeup 101, from scratch. I've subscribed to a few monthly beauty subscriptions in order to expose myself to new products and techniques. And I'll be sharing what I learn here.

If you're young or old, and are starting out in this world of beauty and self-care, welcome along for the ride. I'm hoping it will last a lifetime.